"Platinumservermanagement is of the few companies I have ever used that actually lives up to their promises, I haven't had a problem yet that they couldn't solve"

Jessie Walter
Jul 20, 2018

"I was hesitant at first but they had the best reviews, so I signed up and I am really happy I gave P.S.M. a chance, they are amazing at what they do!!"

Troy Buchanan
May 5, 2018

"Platinum server management never left me hanging, they got me out of so many jams. I strongly recommend them to anyone with a server."

Reilly Stanley
Mar 12, 2018

"After trying a lot of other competitors, I finally found one that I can depend on and trust. Time and time again PSM always comes through!"

Maurice Collins
Jan 27, 2018

"Trust and reliability are hard to find in this industry, and I found both with Platinum Server Management. Feel really confident with them on my side."

Albert Peterson
Nov 26, 2017

"I tried others but none compare to Platinum, there experience shows, they really know their stuff."

Bruce Johnson
Aug 23, 2017

"All I have to say is keep up the good work. The price can not be beat and the service is better than I expected. They are competent, experienced, and always answer my questions with real answers, not short quick replies."

James Rivera
Apr 28, 2017

"Starting the new year off right! I'm so impressed by the way Platinum Server Management has handled all of my issues, I've never seen anything like it."

Anthony Coleman
Jan 2, 2017

"Simpy put, they have fixed every issue I ever had and always have gone above and beyond what they needed to, they are invaluable to me."

Roberta Martinez
Sep 23, 2016

"I've been in the hosting business for years and have never seen a support company as reliable and as consistent as Platinum Server Management. They have never let me down and have continued to deliver exactly what they promise and more. Thanks so much for the incredible service!"

Michael Matthews
May 3, 2016

"I ran my own server for a while and did everything myself but it just became too time consuming. I found PlatinumServerManagement by searching online and they took the huge work load off my shoulder for such a low price. I can't believe how good they are for such a low price."

Jerry Z
Jan 16, 2016

"I contacted Platinum before I even became a customer and asked for a recommendation on server specs. They helped me even before I paid them a penny. They went back and forth many times by email answering my questions and helping me choose a server that would meet my needs. As soon as I got my server, I signed up with them and have never left since. Thank you thank you thank you!"

Larry B
Jul 8, 2015

"I had a server for a while that was always slow and getting hacked, then I joined PSM and within a few days my server was already running faster and the load was much better. The server wasn't crashing anymore and I didn't get any more abuse complaints from my datacenter. I can finally get some sleep now thanks to them."

Craig F
Oct 22, 2014

"All I can say is WOW. I never would have believed they provide such good service until I tried it. They never disappointed me or let me down. I open a ticket anytime i have a problem and they get it resolved. Much appreciated guys!"

Chris P
Jan 17, 2014

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